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From: "Judith OBrien" <juditho@corel.com>
Subject: Corel responds to media speculation
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 12:06:00
To: corbet@lwn.net

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I have sent you a copy of the statement Corel issued this morning in response
to an article that appeared yesterday speculating that Corel was selling its
Linux division. The company will have no further comment on this issue.

For Immediate Release

Corel Corporation Responds to Media Reports

Ottawa, Canada - December 15, 2000 - Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR)
wishes to respond to recent media reports speculating on the future of its
Linux operations. The company has publicly stated that it is in the process of
conducting a comprehensive corporate review. As part of this process, the
executive management team, under the leadership of president & CEO Derek J.
Burney, is reviewing all areas of the company's operations with the aim of
ensuring that all aspects of the business are aligned to deliver long-term
profitability and growth.

On an ongoing basis and as part of the normal course of business, Corel has
discussions with a number of companies on a variety of issues. It is a matter
of company policy that Corel does not comment on these discussions or any other
internal matters.

When there is something of substance to report to its shareholders, the company
will do so through the appropriate channels and in accordance with fair
disclosure guidelines as outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company will provide further details on its plans for the future when
it rolls out its corporate strategy early in the new year.


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