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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 18:06:55 -0600 (MDT)
From: Richard Stallman <gnu@gnu.org>
To: info-gnu@gnu.org
Subject: Bay Area GNU Picnic, August 14 at Lake Temescal

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	 Bay Area GNU Picnic, August 14 at Lake Temescal 
                   (Oakland, CA, USA)

Who: People who like or work on the GNU system.  Perhaps you.

What: A GNU picnic on the beach.  With grill, music, and filking.

When: Saturday August 14 from noon to 5pm

Where: Lake Temescal.  More precisely, ...
    Lake Temescal is off Broadway Terrace in Oakland. Admission is charged
    daily, at $2.50 for adults, and $1.50 for children from ages 1-15.

    If driving, Take Hwy 24 from Oakland and take the Broadway exit. Cross
    Broadway and continue straight on the frontage road, as if going onto Hwy
    13. Lake Temescal Regional Park is on the right, and there is ample

    There are two buses that go by Lake Temescal from downtown Oakland:
    Bus 59 (catch it at 20th & Broadway, near the 19th St. BART station, or on
    Oak St. outside the Lake Merritt BART station); 
    64 (catch it in front of the Rockridge BART station);
    Ask the driver where to get off. It is approximately a half-mile walk into
    the park from either bus stop.

Why: To have fun and get to know other people who use and work on GNU.

Smoking Policy: no smoking near the GNU Picnic site.

Software Policy: GPL

Please bring:

* Musical instruments. (ie. drums, flutes, and anything that makes a noise)

* Frisbies, kites, and other suitable toys.

* CDs and tapes to play.

* Blankets and towels for swimming.

* Food.  Bring something you'd like to grill.  Also bring another item
         according to your last name.  If your last name starts with:
	 - A through H, bring two quarts of a non-alcoholic beverage.
	 - I through P, bring cooked veggies or salad.
	 - Q through Z, bring dessert.
	 - a character from a foreign character set, bring some exotic
	   foreign edible.
	 - anything else, bring a dragon to grill the food.  (If no one
	   brings a dragon, we'll use charcoal.)

Note: tabouli containing more cracked wheat than parsley is strictly