Date:	Tue, 27 Jan 1998 21:48:45 +0100
From:	Marcus Herbert <>
Subject: Re: a proposed Linux-SMP FAQ list, v0.01


i collected all what has been written in this ML. Here is an example
of what it could look like:

                         LINUX-SMP FAQ
              Linux SMP Discussion List FAQ v0.1

                 Mon Jan 26 18:01:25 MET 1998    

                       FAQ Maintained by:
               xxxxx xxxxxxxxx <xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx>

     The latest edition of this FAQ can always be found at:

  All information contained in this FAQ is provided "as is." All
  warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, concerning the 
  accuracy of the information of the suitability for any particular
  use are hereby specifically disclaimed. While every effort has 
  been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained 
  in this FAQ, the authors assume(s) no responsibility for errors 
  or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the infor-
  mation contained herein.



   1. What is SMP?

    a). Introduction
    b). Glossary

   2. Is my hardware compatible?

    a). Does it work on my blah/foo/bar hardware?
    b). Does it work on non-INTeL hardware?
    c). It doesn't work on my INTeL machine, why?
    d). Which INTeL CPU is best for SMP?     
    e). Is it stable at all?

   3. How do I compile a SMP kernel?

    a). What kernel version should I use?
    b). How do I enable SMP?
    c). I already have a running SMP kernel, how can I speed up things?
    d). How can I tell if it worked? 
    e). Why doesn't the CPU numbering match my installation?

   4. How can I get use of SMP linux?
    a). Does it speed up things 2/4/6 times?
    b). Software that supports SMP.
    c). How can I use SMP in my own programs?
   5. Problems running SMP.

    a). Which programs are known to crash on SMP machines?
    b). My box is running slower than before!
    c). I often have deadlocks, why?
    d). Is there a way to debug? 

   6. Where can I get further informations?

    a). The linux-smp maillinglist. 
       I). How do I join the linux-smp mailinglist?
      II). How do I leave the linux-smp mailinglist?
     III). Fuck! What's going on? I can't leave that linux-smp
    c). Related FAQs and HOWTOs.
    d). Usefull www- and ftp-links.


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