Subject: Re: lx vs sx 
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 23:32:31 -0500

>>> Chris Frost said:
> Hey...I've been doing some thinking and I think it would make more sense
> for my to spedn $1500-$2000 on a nice new computer than get one that will
> only last me a year, so I think I will be going alpha (yeaa!)...anyways, I
> was wondering what the major differences between the lx and sx
> motherboards were...

LX164 uses the 366-600 MHz version of the 21164 chip (aka 21164A), which
has 96Kb secondary cache on-chip. Normally configured with 2Mb tertiary
cache on the motherboard.

SX164 uses the 400-533 MHz 21164PC Alpha CPU (aka PCA56), which has NO
secondary cache on-chip, and usually 1Mb on the motherboard. The CPU also
supports some MMX-style enhancements to the instruction set, though nothing
under LINUX uses them at the moment, AFAIK...

So, performance-wise, at the same MHz, with the additional cache and size,
the LX164 will be faster for cache-intensive applications.

Cost-wise, those caches are more expensive, so be prepared to pay a premium
for the LX164.


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